Hello Melbourne!!

Hello Melbourne!!

I have arrived in Melbourne (Australia), a city full of street art and art in every corner, with many cultural opportunities of all kinds, with a multicultural society and with an atmosphere of my good vibes.

I have embarked on this new adventure, a journey in which I have come to seek myself, to know people and cultures, to continue learning and to take my positive and curious philosophy to another part of the world. From now on you can also hunt me for Melbourne, I’m going to start intervening in the city, with stickers, paintings, sculptures, posters and everything I’ve been inventing as I’ve done so far.

New people, new minds to reach, new opinions, new points of view, new cultures and new goals to achieve. New spots, new companies, but all in the same place where we all live, our world.

I will go little by little, since I have to replace all my material, settle down and start working on everything from 0, but it is a new goal in this project (TTT) in which I embarked a while ago, this idea of making you think, to take out your most positive part, and try to awaken your mind.




So stay tuned for Australia and Take The Topo.

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